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Sonoma | Deep Woods

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Product Specifications
Type: Type II
Backing: Osnaburg
Bolt Size: 30 linear yards
Weight: 20 ounces per linear yard
Width: 52/54 inches
Fire Rating: ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test: Class A
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Match: Reverse Hang / Straight-Across Match
Made In USA
Notes: Recyclable through Versa's Second-Look program. Custom colors, weights, widths, and microventing are available.

Look familiar?  Sonoma is a larger scale of a current pattern, Reflections. You may notice the background texture is different and has been changed to coordinate with another Versa pattern, Regency Silk. The embossing on Sonoma is not the same but pairs beautifully with Regency Silk as a coordinate. Perfect for senior living as well as hospitality, Sonoma is offered in tonal neutrals, pearlized effects, and several high contrast colorations.  Sonoma is a great choice for a multitude of spaces- bold and graphic, with metallic or soft and more subtle matte inks, this new introduction gives the designer so many possibilities!

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The images that appear on our website are photographs of 8x8" samples and are not representative of the product's true accurate comparisons. Please request samples for accurate scale and color.

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  • Sonoma | Deep Woods
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