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Product Specifications
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Backing: Paper (70% wood pulp, 30% polyester)
Bolt Size: 55 linear yards
Width: 54 inches
Contents: 65% wool, 35% polyester
Fire Rating: Class A
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Match: Straight Hang / Random Match
Made In USA
Notes: 7.1% post-consumer recycled content by weight (polyester backing). FSC certified wood (wood pulp backing). Stain repellent finish. These fabrics have been manufactured using mainly natural fibers. Any slubs, impurities and irregularities in texture and color are characteristic of these natural yarns and enhance the nature of the fabric and cannot be considered a fault. There can be variation between the sample material and the delivered product. Please note this material is not returnable.
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The images that appear on our website are photographs of 8x8" samples and are not representative of the product's true accurate comparisons. Please request samples for accurate scale and color.

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