Cedar, Aromatic, Random Matched | Classic Wood

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Product Specifications
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Bolt Size: Standard Sheets: 2'x8' (inquire for 2'x10' and 2'x12')
Width: 2 feet per sheet
Contents: High performance, formaldehyde-free, HAPS-free clear finish with UV inhibitor
Fire Rating: ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test: Class A
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Match: Random Matched, Random Planked
Made In USA
Notes: Availability Rating: High - Consistency Rating: High - Sequencing Rating: High - Origin: North America - FSC Certified: No - Other Names: Eastern Red Cedar, Pencil Cedar - Custom sizes available

Forestree wood wallcoverings offer more than just aesthetic advantages; they are prefinished wood surfaces designed for easy application to drywall because they are lightweight, flexible, durable, and designer friendly. Classic Wood is natural wood veneer from managed forests across the globe.

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The images that appear on our website are photographs of 8x8" samples and are not representative of the product's true accurate comparisons. Please request samples for accurate scale and color.

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  • Forestree
  • Cedar, Aromatic, Random Matched | Classic Wood
  • N-806-WC-RM

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