Lanark Box

Bricco | Amber

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Product Specifications
Type: Type II
Backing: Osnaburg
Bolt Size: 30 linear yards
Weight: 20 ounces per linear yard
Width: 52/54 inches
Fire Rating: ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test: Class A
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Match: Reverse Hang / Random Match
Made In USA
Notes: Custom colors, weights, and microventing available. Contact for minimums. Contains anti-microbial additives to resist the growth of mildew and bacteria and pass ASTM-G21. Low VOC -Meets California Section 01350 Indoor Air Quality Standard. Can contribute to LEED

Inspired by modern interior stonework, Bricco is a clean and chic geometric texture. Of the earth, yet urban in feel, this pure and true design is timeless, yet current. The layered structural shapes are highlighted with metallic shimmer and finished with a chalky matteness. The result is a natural look, a marbleized striation that is rustic yet luxe. Stunning and spa-like on the wall, Bricco is a stylish and contemporary creation for all your interior needs. The Bricco color palette was inspired by natural stone and earthy minerals. Neoteric elements such as slate, quartz and alabaster influenced the core hues and minimalistic tone. The finished effect is subtle and soft. Innate in form, the colors are adaptive to all environments and projects. From a cool and clean white Chalk to a dusty grey Basalt, the shades are gentle and pure. A toasty Amber glows with warmth while a soothing Travertine is serene and smooth. Harmonious and healing, let our Bricco palette be your core link for all your creative projects.

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  • Bricco | Amber
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