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Product Specifications
Mesh: Soft Jordan
Width: 72 inches
Repeat: Railroaded: V 6.75 inches (17 cm) x H 26.25 inches (66.5 cm)
Style: Geometric
Cleaning: Machine wash warm (160° F). Tumble dry on medium (140° F)
Construction: Woven
Contents: 57.6% antimicrobial polyester NFR, 42.4% polyester FR
Made In USA

This pattern comes railroaded, which means it will NOT need to be seamed when fabricated. Material sold as yard goods or as fabricated privacy curtains by the linear foot. Material can also be fabricated to be used for draperies, valances, bedspreads and shower curtains. 42.4% post-consumer recycled content. Please note that Filigree features an anti-microbial woven yarn (A.M.Y.). The anti-microbial inclusion inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold, mildew and algae on fabrics, thus controlling lasting odors and extending the garment life of the fabrics, while remaining environmentally safe. Filigree can be woven without A.M.Y. for a 65 yard minimum. Custom colors are available.

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