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Arborway | Brightwater

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Product Specifications
Mesh: Integral
Width: 102 inches (includes 20"-22" integral mesh)
Repeat: V 27 inches x H 13.5 inches (68.5 cm x 34.5 cm)
Style: Botanical
Cleaning: Machine Washable (C)
Construction: Printed
Contents: 100% Polyester FR
Made In USA

Arborway's one piece knit construction provides continuity of color and design and 4" fabric header triple folds to reinforce grommets, and ensure strong construction. Arborway, knit 102" wide, requires no fabric repeat or seaming which translates to considerable cost savings. Custom colors available. Healthier Hospitals program compliant.


One of our innovative prints, composed of a unique, one-piece integral mesh, which yields a high-quality, seamless fabric that cuts down on costs while also allowing for continuity of color and design.

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The images that appear on our website are photographs of 8x8" samples and are not representative of the product's true accurate comparisons. Please request samples for accurate scale and color.

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  • Arborway | Brightwater
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