Travelers Collection

Source One Upholstery

The Travelers Collection is influenced by our desire for adventure and exploration of new designs. This collection offers a contemporary take on botanics and striped fabrics; while offering coordinating solid fabrics that can be mixed and matched to create unique color stories. Featuring the performance and beauty you expect from Sunbrella®; the Travelers Collection is saturated with color and incredibly durable for use in high-traffic areas.

• Saturated with incredibly bright and playful color opportunities.

• Daring and valiant, or calm and gentle, the endless assortment of pattern and color options are certain to transport you to a world of vitality or tranquility. The lively green, coral and teal options will energize a space, while the softer shades of purple and blue will create a relaxing realm, certain to blanket a space with comfort and serenity. Smart neutrals and multicolored stripes bridge the gap between the bright and subtle shades, for well-balanced and stylish combinations.



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