Spring Trends 2017

Silver Linings & Sweet Peony

Silver Linings

Metallic, Lineal & Lustrous

Silver is making cool and edgy strides in design this spring. Metallic bands and intersecting linearity give way to bold and vivid expressions, sure to liven a space. High shine and shimmering silvers will dazzle as the star, while low luster silvers will calm and complement with a chic and subtle sheen.

Silver Linings (bottom left – clockwise): Crosswire, Fortuny, Compose, Highline, Axis, Woods, Brilliance, Axiom Cubed, Luxurious Linen, Camino, Euclidean Linen, Como, Out of the Box, Aspen, Tricot Silk, Hero, Marquise, Annex

Sweet Peony

Ethereal, Blossom & Blissful

Delicate pink and salmon hues, paired with shades of green become the new neutrals. Soft and tranquil, fresh and cheerful, this combo springs forward to refresh any palette with a delightful spirit. Accent blossoming pinks with organic greens, from rose and peony, to kiwi and avocado, for pure simplicity and sweetness.

Sweet Peony (bottom left – clockwise): Omni, Woodcut, Elle, Telluride, Nomad, Belize, Daybreak, Clearing, Spindle, Hawking, Carrara, Twine, Arriero, Levels Stripe, Cyber



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