Spring Trend 2018

Green Revival

Sustainable, Elegant & Pure.

Our global community has put a strong focus on restoration, reclamation and sustainability. Along with this initiative comes an elegant color palette of botanical, sage greens, warm beige tones and deep blues. This eco-friendly trend is accompanied by a selection of sustainable products with environmentally friendly characteristics, such as recycled content, low VOC or rapidly renewable material content.

Making the choice to use these products supports the responsibility to the environment and future generations through creative, innovative and beautiful designs.

Spring Trend Patterns (starting from top and going clockwise): Raffia Weave, Malia, Taza, Coupe, Woods, Plantation, Mandolin, Inkling, Atmosphere, Restoration, Buchanan, Watercolor Silk, Intarsia, Tranquility, Causeway, Forestree, Wellborn, Teatro, Foiled.



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