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Arriero | Alcala | $146

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Product Specifications
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Base Cloth: 65% Cotton, 35% Polyester Backing
Roll Size: 55 linear yards
Width: 54 inches
Contents: 100% Cork
Flame Resistance: Cal TB 117-2013: Meets Requirements | NFPA 260: Class I | ASTM E84 Adhered Class A
Warranty: 5 year warranty
Minimum Order: 1 linear yard
Seam Slippage:
Breaking Strength:
Abrasion Resistance: 100,000 double rubs
Surface Abrasion: ASTM D4157: 100,000 double rubs
Cleaning: W (water-based cleaners)
Made In USA
Fabric ACT Flammability Fabric ACT Crocking Fabric ACT Colorfastness Fabric ACT Property Characteristics Fabric ACT Low Abrasion Fabric ACT High Abrasion Fabric ACT
Notes: This product has been approved for use as both upholstery and wallcovering. Installation for wallcovering is straight hang / random match. As with all natural products, color variation is normal. This product has an acrylic top coat finish.

Arriero (ah-ee-err‘-oh) is named for the “mule man” who still loads the mule with the bark from trees in the traditional method to produce the distinctive cork. The bark is harvested from the cork oak tree found in southern Europe especially Portugal and Spain. These sustainable cork forests are protected by legal guidelines for cultivation. Once a cork tree has reached its maturity, its bark is carefully removed by specialized cork extractors using a very sharp axe. The cork is removed without harming the tree and is re-harvested every 9-10 years. A cork tree regenerates this outer layer 12-13 times during its 150 + lifetime.

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