Source One Dry Erase

Aluminum Cork Trim | 12 Ft Length

Product Specifications
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Base Cloth: {dry_erase_base_cloth}
Weight: {dry_erase_weight}
Width: {dry_erase_width}
Contents: {dry_erase_contents}
Flame Resistance: {dry_erase_flame_resistance}
Coordinates: {dry_erase_coordinates}
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Piling: {dry_erase_piling}
Seam Slippage: {dry_erase_seam_slippage}
Breaking Strength: {dry_erase_breaking_strength}
Surface Abrasion: {dry_erase_surface_abrasion}
Made In USA

Width: 2 inches (5 cm)

Depth: 0.625 inches (1.6 cm)

Available Trim: 8 ft or 12 ft lengths

Endcaps: Requires endcaps (included)

Installation: Screws to wall with #10 Phillips Flat Head 1–inch self-drilling screws (not included)

Specify: WA-CORK-8 for 8 ft length, WA-CORK-12 for 12 ft length, WA-CORK-ENDCAPS for pair of endcaps

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  • Source One Dry Erase
  • Aluminum Cork Trim | 12 Ft Length
  • WA-CORK-12

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