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    Movie Theatre | Retail

    Lights, camera, action! This custom artwork showcases the location of the movie theatre itself intertwined with movie film graphics and hints of color. This large mural compliments the concession area below.  Westown Movies | Studio 3 Designs Inc.

  • Cascade of Color

    Showroom | Corporate

    Inspired by fragmented geometrics, vibrant colors of coral and berry cascade across the wall with intrigue and curiosity. A focal point in our Chicago Showroom, this design creates the illusion of depth and movement.

  • Child's Play

    Children's Hospital

    Walk on the moon or explore the ocean beneath with these playful and lighthearted designs. Composed of photos and illustrations these murals reflect the innocence of the audience they are meant to comfort and inspire during a hospital visit.

  • Model Behavior


    Black and white photos add sophistication and beauty to this modern tradeshow setting. The large male and female images draw attention to certain areas of the space. Bigger is usually better!

  • Underground Sea of Splendor

    Campus | Institutional

    Where is it written that every seat in an 11,300 seat auditorium must be the same—or even a solid color for that matter?  These were the questions the talented design team at H. Krueger & Associates, a Madison, Wisconsin based firm asked themselves as they began planning the seating for a second theater on a large corporate campus. HKA, a firm with a knack for bringing color to corporate design, came to D.L.Couch to realize their vision of turning the auditorium seats into an underground sea of geologic splendor. HKA worked with D.L.Couch to create digitally printed, graphic-patterned upholstery in sixteen vibrant colors suggestive of earth’s sedimentary layers, complete with swirling pools of water. The result is a truly outstanding meeting and presentation space that beautifully reflects the company’s culture and brand.

  • Better By Design


    A strong mission statement wraps the walls of this design firm instilling in staff the essence of the company and what they strive for each day. A strong visual reminder that, ‘Together, we will always be better by design.’ 

  • Be The Difference


    The Marquette Wire is the official student media news source of Marquette University. This plexiglass installation makes a bold brand statement in the halls of the university. Marquette asks one thing of their students in their academic and life journey – Along the way, “Be The Difference”. 

  • The Open Road

    Trucking Company | Corporate

    The combination of inspirational words and large puzzle pieces represent both the brand and a strong visual message. Look out over the open road to new places and opportunities with these murals.

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