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Territories create borders. Borders create alliances.

If you're not in a zip code to which D.L.Couch distributes wallcoverings or fabric, we direct your attention to WSG Global Network. In 1999, we formed Wallcovering Source Group with Eykon Design Resources in Memphis, TN, and TRI-KES in Dallas, TX. Together, as WSG, we make up the largest wallcovering/fabric sales team in the nation with 90+ local representatives which can help anyone, regardless of location.

Since the inception of our group, distribution has grown from domestic only to international, forming what is known today as the WSG Global Network. D.L. Couch, TRI-KES and Eykon cover domestic distribution and appointed international distributorships in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Canada, Europe, Australia, Mexico and the Middle East. 

WSG allows D.L.Couch to have both the benefits of national distribution (e.g., product development, market testing, general long-term stability), while remaining independent, agile, and entrepreneurial.

Whether you're in a D.L.Couch territory or not (we'll determine that when you create an account and enter your zip code), you're invited to spend as much time with us as you like, using our website as a resource. If you are outside of our territory, sample orders submitted through our website will be forwarded to the appropriate partner.

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