Understanding the Effects of Beauty and Creativity on the Environment: D.L.Couch is committed to acknowledging our responsibility in helping sustain the environment for generations to come. D.L.Couch is an environmentally responsible company. We value environmental stewardship in all our team members. The guidelines we have set commit us to minimize the impacts of our operations and the use of our products making the internal and external built environment healthier, more sustainable and more responsive to the natural environment.

  • We will set policies and procedures that encourage reduction, conservation and recycling.
  • We will offset energy use with renewable energy credits.
  • We will provide a process that allows our customers to easily return samples.
  • We will strive to maintain compliance with relevant environmental regulations and legislation.
  • We will work towards pollution prevention and resource conservation in our operations.
  • We will commit to educational and construction community activities to increase environmental awareness of our team, our clients, and the construction community.
  • We will promote the development of an environmentally responsible workplace and endeavor to support other organizations that have demonstrated environmentally responsible practices and goals.
  • We will participate, and encourage others in the industry to participate, in the NSF 342 Sustainability Assessment for Wallcovering Products standard.

LEED Projects

Choosing the proper interior products is critical to any LEED certified building project and there are many D.L.Couch products that can contribute toward your credits. We have products that contribute to credits in Construction Management, Recycled Content, Rapidly Renewable Materials, Certified Woods, and Low-Emitting Materials.
These products that contribute to LEED can be found in in our Product section of the website. Our sales team will work with you throughout the process to select the proper products and assure that you receive the proper supporting documentation.  

Carbon Neutral Program

Carbon neutral shipping counter balances the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the transport of packages through carbon offsetting. This means that for every tonne (or metric ton) of CO2 a package produces in transportation, an equivalent amount of CO2 is saved by a verified emission reduction project somewhere else in the world. By participating in the UPS carbon neutral program, D.L.Couch will be supporting emissions reduction projects that help mitigate the climate impact of shipping their parcels.
D.L.Couch pays incremental amounts to offset the climate impact of the delivery of each of their packages based off of an initial carbon footprint analysis. As an added bonus, UPS will match the offsets purchased by D.L.Couch, up to $1 million. Both the carbon footprint analysis and carbon offset program are verified by an independent third party.
Carbon offset funds support a variety of projects worldwide. These projects include: the La Pradera Landfill Gas Project, Garcia River Forestry, Fujian Landfill Gas Project, and the Cholburi Wastewater Biogas-to-Energy Project.

Second-Look Program

Versa’s award-winning Second-Look was the first to reclaim post-consumer vinyl wallcovering. It’s the only program to recycle it back into new wallcoverings. We’ve recycled 6.5 million pounds or 3,250 tons of material since starting in 2007. 

Click here for Second-Look application

NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Assessment Standard for Wallcoverings

D.L.Couch has many of its products certified under the NSF/ANSI 342 standard.  NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Assessment for Wallcovering Products is the foremost standard to evaluate and certify the sustainability of wallcoverings. Manufacturers and distributors earn points for key criteria, and their combined totals certify a product as Conformant, Silver, Gold or Platinum. For more information on the NSF/ANSI 342 standard click here.  

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